March 13th: Final Logistics Meeting in P2 after MMM. T-Shirt pick-up & distribution will take place.

Jog-A-Thon volunteers should all be confirmed by March 10th with instructional emails sent to them March 14th.




Week 6th-10th, Jog-A-Thon Table at Drop-Off for any questions, offline pledge forms/envelopes, signing of waivers 

Sun., 12th  Pre-Jog-A-Thon Potluck Q&A at Meadowood Park 3-5PM. Ask any questions. Last day to bid on SUPER Song Dedications & Order SUPER-GRAMS.  Look for Unicorn and Kid's Meal Freebies while supplies last! Extra T-Shirts might be avaiable to purchase $10 exact change only - if available.

Mon., 13th Final Logistics Meeting Review/T-Shirt Distribution/ Last-minute T-Shirt Purchases (if any available) in Portable P2 8:30-9:15AM

Wed., 15th Jog-A-Thon! Get all pledges entered into system by NOON to qualify for prizes!

Mon., 27th  Monday Morning Meeting Awards/Medals Recognition

Prizes for raising funds should be distributed by the end of April.

Jog-A-Thon Morning Schedule

6th Grade and Mrs. Wilson:  Session 1

8:00 AM  Volunteer Check-in & Bib Distribution

8:30-8:40  Elite Fitness Warm-up and Field Assignment

8:40-9:00  Jog

9:00-9:10  Cool Down

1st Grade and Ms. Phaler:  Session 2

8:30 AM  Volunteer Check-in & Bib Distribution

9:00-9:10  Elite Fitness Warm-up and Field Assignment

9:10-9:30  Jog

9:30-9:40  Cool Down

5th Grade:  Session 3

9:00 AM  Volunteer Check-in & Bib Distribution

9:30-9:40  Elite Fitness Warm-up and Field Assignment

9:40-10:00  Jog

10:00-10:10  Cool Down

3rd Grade:  Session 4

9:30 AM  Volunteer Check-in & Bib Distribution

10:00-10:10  Elite Fitness Warm-up and Field Assignment

10:10-10:30  Jog

10:30-10:40  Cool Down

Kinder/TK and Ms. O’Hara:  Session 5

10:00 AM  Volunteer Check-in & Bib Distribution

10:30-10:40  Surprise Warm-up and Field Assignment

10:40-10:55  Jog (only 15 min)

10:55-11:05  Cool Down

2nd Grade:  Session 6

10:30 AM  Volunteer Check-in & Bib Distribution

10:55-11:05  Surprise Warm-up and Field Assignment

11:05-11:25  Jog

11:25-11:35  Cool Down

4th Grade and Ms. Ambas:  Session 7

11:00 AM  Volunteer Check-in & Bib Distribution

11:25-11:35  Surprise Warm-up and Field Assignment

11:35-11:55  Jog

11:55-12:05  Cool Down


Thank You Room Reps!

On Wednesday, March 15th, 2017, we will participate in our biggest FUNdraiser of the year:  The 10th Anniversary “Superheroes” Jog-A-Thon 2017!  Thank you for your help and support in making this event a SUPER SUCCESS!

Course Set-up: We will continue to have uniquely colored balloon stations where each classroom will start & finish their run.  The colors this year are:  Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, & Orange.  Each classroom will have a colored bib that matches their station and each student in a classroom will be divided into numbered groups.  Students will just need to remember their balloon station color and group number (1-8).  Classroom volunteer bib markers will be standing at their designated numbered field marker ready to mark their bibs.

Classroom Spirit! Feel free to add team spirit by making classroom signs, getting colored wristbands, headbands, or anything to show spirit.  Whatever you get just make sure it’s safe for running.

Recognition for top-place boys & girls:  After completing their run, top finishers in each classroom will be given a certificate letting them know they are the top place finisher and inviting their parent(s) to the March 27th MMM for group recognition.

Day of the Event Details

Check-In Booth: At the specified session time for your classroom, Room Reps check-in at Check-In Booth, located on blacktop in front of 2nd grade classrooms.  At same time, your parent volunteers should check-in at front office to get their badge and then assemble at the classrooms.  They should prepare the classroom by dividing them into numbered groups based on the available number of volunteers.

Room Reps will pick up the following items:

  1. Markers to check off laps completed
  2. Student Bibs, SUPER-GRAMS, Volunteer Bib-Marker Bibs Numbered 1-8, and safety pins
  3. 2 copies of “ First Place Finishers” sheet (1 Boy, 1 Girl)

Classroom Check-In: Meet your parent volunteers at your classroom.  Make sure you check that each parent volunteer has identified their group of 4-5 students they are marking and helps them put their bibs and any stickers on.  Reminder: parents should not be marking their own childRemind students about their classroom color which is the same as their classroom balloon station on the field and their bibs. Briefly describe the day and order of events for your volunteers:  Warm-up (8 min), Classroom Station Start Instructions, Running (20 min), Cool-down (10 min).  All students should have their own water bottle with name clearly written on them.  These will be kept on the table or with families cheering along the sidelines.  Students can also choose to run with them in-hand if they like. There will be a limited number of water cups available for water at their table.

Field Time: At your scheduled time, lead class out to the “Warm Up” area.  This area is located near the soccer fields and will be clearly marked “WARM UP”. 8 minute Warm Up; You have 2 minutes to then proceed to your class balloon stations and get situated.  You’ll be reminded once again of lap count policy & expectations and  have a chance to remind your group of students the station color and their group number corresponding to their assigned bib-marker.

Colored Class Stations with Staggered Starts/Finishes: Class stations are clearly marked with balloons matching the bib color for that class. This station has staggered field markers that are your Start and Finish Lines. Parents & other family members of classroom may want to stand near, but out of the way of bib-markers.  Each station will have matching colored field markers.  Each bib-marker should stand near their field marker for the entire run session.  These markers will be spaced evenly apart to help prevent clumping.  Water bottles can be placed on tables at each booth or remain with those just cheering the kids on.

Tracking Laps: Runners will start at their classroom station and run or walk around the track and stop by their assigned bib-marker as they complete 1 full lap.  Bib-markers will simply cross out the sequential numbered boxes on the bib starting from 1.  Remember, parents can not mark their own child(ren).  There will be a 1 minute, 30 second, and 10 second countdown announced by the DJ when the 20 minute jog session is ending.  You will know it’s the last minute by the special song being played:  Mission Impossible.  A track timer will be located near the main balloon arch for runners to see as they pass by for convenience, but when the music stops & the DJ announces “Time’s Up. Markers Down.”  that is the official end of the marking bibs & running.  Runners then proceed to pick up there water bottles and head to Cool Down area as a classroom.   No credit is given to partial laps. Remember to CHEER AND ENCOURAGE your runners for doing a great job!!!  20 minute jog for all classrooms, except TK & K at 15 minutes.

Cool Down/Popsicles:  Lead classrooms to designated “COOL DOWN” area located near the Kindergarten playground area.  Each child should be given a Popsicle and parent volunteers can begin to collect running bibs and safety pins. Remember there will be a freezer available to temporarily hold your popsicles until your time for cool down or you can bring your own cooler with dry ice and keep it at the cool down area, but make sure you clearly label it with your teacher’s name.  TIP!  Popsicles should be purchased 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure you don’t face a sold out situation at the local supermarket.  Cool Down is about 10 Minutes.

Medals Table (next to check-in):  You’ll have 2 medal awards sheets: 1 for First Place girl(s) and 1 for First Place boy(s).  After you have collected all the bibs, you will write down the names of these winners on the medal sheets.  If there are ties for first, then make sure to write all the names of the ties on the sheet.  The check-out booth will have blank certificates for each medal earner.  Write the name(s) of each first place student on each note card and give them to the teacher to hand out in class.  These certificates tell the student he/she has completed the most laps in the class and invites the parents to see his/her child recognized on March 27th during the Monday Morning Meeting.  Here, you will return safety pins, markers, pens, and bibs in original envelope.  100 Mile Club will receive these bibs so kids can get credit for the laps they’ve completed.

Latest Updates!

Room Reps for Jog-A-Thon

by | Jan 26, 2017 |

Classroom Colors – Bibs/Balloon Station

Ambas Orange
O’Hara Orange
Phaler Orange
Wilson Red
Avzaradel Green
Dailey Yellow
Higgins Blue
Daniels Yellow
Harlow Blue
Price Green
Bowman Yellow
Davidson Blue
Filbin Green
Hamilton Orange
Heard Yellow
Rollins Blue
Sayce Green
Dunn Yellow
Krajanowski Blue
Potter Green
Condon Yellow
Friske Blue
Kernutt Green
Hunter Yellow
Morada Orange
Morris Blue
Nakano Green