Express Valet

Your Child’s welfare and safety are very important to us. To help promote student safety and reduce traffic, we invite
you to use our “Express Valet” service when you choose to bring your student to school by vehicle.

Please follow this valet safety procedure:

  1. Please have student backpacks, lunches, musical instruments and students ready BEFORE entering the Canyon View Valet lane and drop off area. Please avoid placing school items in the trunk of your car.
  2. Pull as far forward as possible next to the curb. The lane will be coned off.
  3. Come to a complete stop in front of a student valet for drop off service.
  5. Make eye contact with the student valet indicating approval for them to open the passenger door(s) for the student(s) to exit.
  6. Valets are to open and close the car door(s).
  7. Students MUST exit on the passenger side of the car ONLY. (Curbside)
  8. Student valets may assist with backpacks lunches and other items for school.
  9. Drive slowly through the lane or merge left to the passing lane and out of the parking lot.
  10. If you need to park your car for any reason, please park in a visitor parking space and walk with your child to the end of the parking lot lane closest to the bike racks to cross the express valet traffic safely.

We encourage you to use this valet service when you opt to drive to school.
Thank you for helping make Canyon View School a great and a safe place to be!

2018 News!

We are pleased to announce that Express Valet will be available for the 2018-2019 school year.  We plan to provide more information about sign-ups by the end of September.  Thank you to our parent volunteer who has stepped up to lead this program.  If you’d like to assist, please let us know!