Resolutions: 1961-present

Have you ever wondered how the education system really works in this great state of ours?

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“The necessity for securing adequate legislation was apparent from the start.” While studying how best to raise their own children, the association’s founders discovered that other children had serious unmet needs. They saw sickly children, insufficiently clad children, hungry children. And something had to be done about it. (Excerpted from History of the California Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc., 1900-1944, M.H. Strong, Editor.)

Decisions that affect our children, youth, and families are made every day by local, state, and national policymakers. In a democratic society, every citizen has the right and the responsibility to participate in shaping those decisions. The goal of advocacy within PTA is to help influence policymakers at the local, state, and national levels in the legislation that is developed.

As the oldest and largest advocacy organization in California, PTA is uniquely qualified to influence policymakers. By working collaboratively on issues, PTAs in California and throughout the nation can form a powerful force in securing adequate laws and public policy that are best for the care and protection of children and youth.

April Update:


November Update:

  • A number of bills that California State PTA supported have become law. They involve homelessness, lead in school drinking water, charter schools, and ingredients in cleaning products, among other things. The High School Exit Exam is now permanently gone, a principal can’t give someone permission to carry a gun in a school zone, and schools may not shame students whose parents don’t pay for school lunches on time.
  • Sacramento Safari is coming in February! Are we going?
  • We’re only halfway through the two-year state legislative session and some of the bills that didn’t pass this year can be brought up again when the lawmakers get back to business in January. CAPTA is opposed to a bill that would allow the state to open a STEM charter school in Los Angeles with no local participation or oversight. PTA supports two other bills, one that would allow middle and high schools to begin the school day later and one that would extend the probation period for new teachers from two years to three.
  • Poverty is too big of an obstacle for some students to overcome and that is a big reason why we still have about 50,000 students dropping out of high school every year in California. The lives of these children and their families have to improve for the students to be successful.
  • The Fourth District PTA Legislative Agenda, with advocacy priorities at the local, state and national levels, is now available at the Fourth District office or at
  • The California State PTA also has a Legislation Conference, which is held in January. If we can’t go to the Fourth District Sacramento Safari, perhaps we can attend this one.