Congratulations to the following classes for earning a pizza party for highest percentage classes participating in Pledge Drive:

  1. Kasravi – Upper Grade Winner
  2. Friske – Lower Grade Winner

The following classrooms have won the $100 classroom grant:

Bowman, Davidson, Daniels, Friske, Harlow, Kasravi

The ENTIRE School is invited to a LaserQuest Party on Jan. 9th 4-8PM!

>Reserve your spot NOW!

Pledge Drive Donations

As the school year begins, the Canyon View Elementary PTA is asking for your support by donating to the annual Pledge Drive campaign benefiting the 2018-2019 school year.  These funds help to maintain academic success and enrichment in order to support the students and staff.  The Canyon View PTA supports school programs and events impacting ALL of our students. [Pledge Letter in Chinese]  Remember, PTA Membership is DIFFERENT than Pledge Drive.  Being a member means you are part of a child advocacy organization that gives us a voice when speaking to our legislative representatives in Sacramento and Washington D.C. for education policy.  Donating to Pledge Drive means you are providing financial support to all the instructional tools, programs, and events your children will enjoy and experience here at school.

Did you know that IUSD is one of the lowest funded districts in the U.S. and California? But, despite this, Canyon View parents know their continued support makes the difference for our kids!

This year, PTA plans to invest over $300 PER STUDENT for enrichment programs such as our teacher-favorite Brainstorm STEM & Imagination Machine assemblies, NEW Reading Rewards program, safety empowerment radKIDS program (no other school in Irvine provides this life-saving program), and the NEW PLAYWORKS recess program.

If we meet our total annual fundraising goal of $122,500 this year, we have an opportunity to completely fund up to 2 Learning Excursions* (field trips and on-campus experiences) for each grade. By contributing now towards these Learning Excursions, teachers will not have to ask for voluntary donations throughout the year.  This helps teachers better plan for these excursions and not worry whether or not they can have them! Taking the burden of collecting money off our teachers, let’s them focus on the million other things they do each day. *Subject to each grade level team to decide.

Should we not make our goal, we do risk cancelling some programs and events. So, don’t let this happen!  PTA will communicate throughout the year our progress raising funds at our PTA meetings and on our website.

Pledge Drive is 1 of 2 major fundraisers that will help us reach this goal –so every family counts!  To see all the programs and events PTA supports, simply browse our PTA website and learn how you can help support them by volunteering.

PTA Needs Support from Every Family – Suggested Pledge Drive donation is $250/student

Receive a Canyon View T-Shirt for each $250 donation*

*Receive a custom name-engraved, stainless steel thermal Canyon View water bottle with each $500 donation*

Pledge Update!

10/22/18:  Thank you parents for supporting Pledge Drive 2018.  We have reached our 1st Goal of the year!  Now you can relax and enjoy many of the programs and events we have planned.  Pledge Drive has paid for our new Playworks Program, Art Masters, and the 1st of many Learning Excursions planned throughout the year.

To celebrate, we are inviting Canyon View families to a FREE LaserQuest Pledge Party on january 9th 4-8PM.  Must Sign Up to reserve your spot Now!

“Canyon View Elementary PTA”

Federal Tax ID:  33-0815849

Sample Learning Excursions* & Assemblies with PTA Support

*Subject to change based on schedules and availability