Who: 5th Grade Boys & Dads (or Trusted Male Adult)
When: Tuesday, March 5th from 6:30-8PM
Where:  MPR
RSVP:  by February 25th

Presenter:  Dan Grubb, Science Specialist Deerfield and Eastwood Elementary Schools, is approved by the IUSD Health Advisory Committee and School Board. Pizza, fruit, snacks, and drinks will be provided by 4th grade Dads.

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 Questions? Contact guystuff@MyCanyonViewPTA.com 

5th Grade Co-Chairs:  Adam Lawrence & Nathan Elson
4th Grade Co-Chair Event Hospitality:  Jim Leung & Keith Linker

Guy Stuff is an approved Irvine Board of Education program addressing boys’ puberty for 5th Grade boys and Dads (or trusted adult male role model).  This program focuses on facts and feelings about the onset of puberty and what it means to be a man.

Studies have shown that parents and their children benefit from this type of experience because:

  • It is important for children to feel comfortable asking adults their questions about puberty.
  • It sends the message that adults are valuable resources for young adolescents.
  • The presented facts about puberty will promote discussion.
  • Young boys who are prepared for the changes they are about to experience in puberty will have decreased fears, reduced stress, and reassurance that puberty is a normal process.
  • It sends the message to your child that this is an important time in their life when many changes will occur and that you are showing your support.

The goal of this program is to establish a trusted communication relationship between the boy and the significant male figure in his life. Thus, to participate in this program, the boy must bring a significant male figure in his life.